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Claudia Cornwall, a freelance writer for over 20 years, has written three books. The second one, Letter from Vienna: A Daughter Uncovers her Family’s Jewish Past, won the BC Book Prize for best non-fiction in 1996.

She has been published in many Canadian magazines and newspapers including The Globe & Mail, Reader’s Digest, (the Canadian, the international and the Mainland China editions), BC Business, as well as the on-line magazine, Tyee.

She teaches courses about ethical and legal issues for writers as well as courses in memoir writing at SFU and Douglas College. In March 2009, she received a $20,000 journalism award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to support the writing of a series of stories about health research.

Claudia Cornwall grew up in Vancouver and studied philosophy at UBC and the University of Calgary. She is married and has a son and a daughter who are both at university.

  1. Dear Claudia Cornwall. I have just been reading through ‘At The World’s Edge’. I found it very moving. I was fairly close to Curt back in the period 1957-9. We shared a house till early ’58 and then met up again in London. We both taught English at the Regency in Ramsgate. Then our paths separated: he went to Spain and then back to Vancouver. I went on to Paris and then to Greece, where I have spent much of my subsequent life.I am sorry this information was not available to you when you wrote the book. I live at present in the UK.
    Thanks again for bringing that remarkable life back so vividly.
    Victor Hill

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