Catching Cancer

Catching Cancer: the quest for its viral and bacterial causes introduces readers to the investigators who created a medical revolution – a new way of looking at cancer and its causes. Featuring interviews with notable scientists such as Harald zur Hausen, Barry Marshall, Robin Warren, and others, the book tells the story of their struggles, their frustrations, and finally the breakthroughs that helped form some of the most profound changes in the way we view cancer. I take readers inside the lab to reveal the long and winding path to discoveries that have changed and continue to alter the course of medical approaches to one of the most confounding diseases mankind has known. I tell the stories of families who have benefited from this new knowledge, of the researchers who made the revolution happen, and the breakthroughs that continue to change our lives.

For years, we’ve thought cancer was the result of lifestyle choices, environmental factors, or genetic mutations. But pioneering scientists have begun to change that picture. We now know that infections cause 20 percent of cancers, including liver, stomach, and cervical cancer, which together kill almost 1.8 million people every year. While the idea that you can catch cancer may sound unsettling, it is actually good news. It means antibiotics and vaccines can be used to combat this most dreaded disease. With this understanding, we have new methods of preventing cancer, and perhaps we may be able to look forward to a day when we will no more fear cancer than we do polio or rubella.

Catching Cancer is published by Rowman and Littlefield.  It is available in bookstores and on in line in Canada, the U.S. and many other countries.

978-1-4422-1520-7 • Hardback
April 2013 • $36.00 • (£22.95)

978-1-4422-1522-1 • eBook
March 2013 • $35.99 • (£22.95)

Pages: 240 Size: 6 x 9

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