A Trio of Nobel Laureates in “Battling Melanoma?”

James Allison, Tasuko Honjo, and Gordon Freeman

The treatment of melanoma is undergoing a sea change thanks in part to the pioneering work of the three scientists pictured above. James Allison, Tasuko Honjo, and Gordon Freeman paved the way for what some are calling the immunotherapy revolution.  I was fortunate enough to interview all three men and come to understand the science which saved Gordon’s life. Our discussions can be found in “Battling Melanoma.” The innovative trio have received many scientific prizes and awards. But so far, the oldest and most prestigious one, the Nobel, has eluded them. However, I recently read that Thomson Reuters, an information business, has predicted that this year, the Nobel  for physiology and medicine will go to immunotherapy research. If Thomson Reuters is right, then Allison, Honjo, and Freeman, as well as some other scientists will share the Nobel for their work!  Since 2002, Thomson Reuters has forecast 37 Nobel Prize winners, so its record is pretty good! The Prize will be announced early in October.

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