Ken Lum’s replica of Malcolm Lowry’s Shack

The first scene of At the World’s Edge takes place on a jetty in front of Malcolm Lowry’s shack in what was North   Vancouver’s   Maplewood Mudflats settlement. The shack is no more. The District of North Vancouver demolished the whole community in 1954 to make room for a park. However, in 2010, artist, Ken Lum, created replicas of three shacks from the settlement for a sculptural installation. They were the ones belonging to Malcolm Lowry,  Tom Burrows, and Paul Spong. Today you can find these replicas at the entrance to the Maplewood Conservation area, south of the Dollarton Highway. I took the photo here and I think it is of the replica’s of Lowry’s shack.  It’s diminutive, somewhere between dollhouse and playhouse-size.  The area has been completely transformed since Lowry lived there.  Lowry Lane, named after him, is now the site of some of the most expensive homes in North Vancouver. Delicious shack life is a mere memory.


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