The Bookstore

You will find my description of Curt’s life as a bookseller in the chapter entitled, The Vault.  (To read the interesting story about why it has that name, you’ll have to read the book!)  When Curt started the store at 350 West Pender Street, he quickly discovered that that being a bookseller was not for him. The enterprise floundered and Don MacLeod bought it for a song–well, $200.  He kept the stock and the same location, although he renamed the shop, “MacLeod’s Books.”  Don took out a loan from a credit union to make the purchase and was able to pay it off after his first day in business.  Here’s a picture of Don’s store in 1981. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that MacLeod’s Books, currently at 455 West Pender, on the north side of the street, still sports a remarkably similar sign. Don Stewart is the current owner.

Vancouver City Archives, CVA 779-E11.27


  1. Just discovered your blog and I’ve bookmarked it because it’s so wonderful. I love that you dig deep into local history. It’s so cool to see old photographs like these.

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